1900: Technos brand was created in Switzerland by the Guzinger family, known for its secular tradition in the watch market.

1956: Importadora Centauro was founded in Brazil to be Technos’ exclusive distributor. We grew significantly in the 1950´s, 1960´s and 1970´s.

1982: we openned our assembly and distribution plant in Manaus and started assembling our watches in Brazil. By the end of the 1980´s, we were leaders in the national watch market in terms of revenues.

1990´s: we bought the Technos brand rights, which became a Brazilian brand, an consolidated our leadership in the national watch market.

2002: We began exploring third-party brands, through the licensing of the Mormaii brand and through distribution agreements for the exclusive distribution of Seiko products, which today contribute significantly to our results.

2008: We were acquired by GMT FIP that had among its quotaholders two highly regarded asset managers, DLJ and Dynamo, and a group of managers.

2009: We licensed the Euro brand, reinforcing our market position among women’s watches.

2010: We relaunched the Mariner brand, our great success in the 1980s, targeted towards a younger audience and with the objective of regaining leadership in the recently reemerging market for exchangeable band watches.

2011: IPO of Grupo Technos.

2012: We re-launched the brand Allora, reinforcing our presence in the low end female fashion segment. We signed an exclusive distribution contract with Timex for the whole national territory, strengthening our position in the sport segment. Besides, we bought Touch, a company that develops and commercializes watches and sunglasses under its own brand with exclusive distribution to a well developed franchise network with a high growth potential.

2013: We released a notice to the market regarding the Grupo Dumont Saab acquisition, which brought the “Dumont” and “Condor” brands, as well as the distribution rights for the most desired international watch brands, including “Fossil”, “Diesel”, “Marc Jacobs”, “Armani Exchange”, “DKNY”, “Empório Armani”, “Adidas” e “Michael Kors”.

2015: On 16 january, 2015, the company termined the exclusive distribution agreement for the “Seiko” brand”.

2016: Technos Group rescinds the distribution contract and the right to use the Timex brand.

2017: The Group rescinds the distribution agreement and the right to use the Burberry and Adidas brands.

2017: In Oct 2017 we launched the first Smartwatch full display of a Brazilian brand, Technos Connect 3.0. This launch featured a portfolio of ten smart watches, including hybrid versions, Skydiver Connect, the iconic Technos line for over 30 years, and in this release comes with connectivity features.

2018: In 2018 are celebrated the 60 years of the arrival of the Technos brand in Brazil. The launch of the Essence collection began the celebrations that honor the origin of the brand in the cradle of world watchmaking, bringing an exclusive Swiss machine.

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