Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Grupo Technos is the largest watch company in Latin America. We consolidated our leadership in terms of revenues in the Brazilian market in the 1990´s. Since 1956, we have developed, assembled and distributed watches, directly or through our subsidiaries and, in the 1980´s, we established an assembly factory located in Manaus. Starting our operations under the brand “Technos,” we diversified our portfolio to include other brands and market segments over the decades.

In 2008, we owned 3 nationally known brands directed to classes B and C, one being a proprietary brand (“Technos”), and two being third party brands, used by us through licensing or distribution contracts (“Mormaii” and “Seiko”). Targeting our entrance into the fashion segment, we added “Euro” to our portfolio, in 2009, and re-launched “Mariner”, in 2010. In 2012, we acquired the exclusive distribution rights of “Timex” for the whole national territory, strengthening our position in the sport segment. Also in 2012, we launched “Allora” and bought “Touch”, strengthening our presence in the fashion segment. In March of 2013, we release a notice to the market regarding the Grupo Dumont Saab acquisition. With this transactions, we incorporated 13 brands to our portfolio: two proprietary brands(“Dumont” and “Condor”) and internationally licensed brands of the Fossil Group, such as “Fossil” and “Michael Kors”, which remain in our portfolio.

Currently, after important adjustments aimed at focusing efforts and ensuring an optimized mix, we have a portfolio of 10 brands including “Technos”, “Condor”, “Mormaii”, “Euro”, “Dumont”, “Fossil”, “Michael Kors”, “Touch”, “Allora” and “Mariner”, well positioned to serve different customer profiles.

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